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7 Gift Experiences for the Writer in Your Life

Looking for something to give the writer in your life? Check out this list of 7 Gift Experiences for Every Writer.

Purchasing gifts for anyone is difficult, and if you have a writer in your life, the gift buying process is even harder. Writers thrive on routines, love wandering around bookstores, and some still insist on carrying notebooks and pens (gasp!). But understanding the quirks of the writing life can help you craft the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

Looking for something to give the writer in your life? Check out this list of 7 Gift Experiences for Every Writer. Share on X

To help ease shopping woes, especially during these strange times, I've assembled the following list of helpful experiences for writers. Whether you are looking for something to give someone who discovered their passion for writing during quarantine, a recent graduate, or just to show the writer in your life that you’re thinking about them, there’s something for everyone.

7 Gift Experiences for the Writer in Your Life

1. The gift of ENCOURAGEMENT

Every writer needs some encouragement to get through the tough times or times of doubt. Gift your writer some ENCOURAGEMENT by:

  • Purchasing a writing app license
  • Getting them set up with a domain & hosting plan for their author website
  • Subscribing to a year of their favorite writing magazine

2. The gift of MOTIVATION

When the words just won’t come, it’s time for some motivation. Help your writer get some much-needed MOTIVATION by:

  • Refilling their Starbucks app (Starbucks is oddly motivating to us)
  • Buying a round-trip train ticket–train rides can be very motivating
  • Send them to a bed & breakfast for a few days (make sure the room has desk)

3. The gift of LIVING LIKE A WRITER IN 1920

Many writers have a secret desire to live like a writer in the 20s (I know I do!). Help fulfill their fantasy of LIVING LIKE A WRITER IN 1920 by:

  • Taking them out for drinks at a local speakeasy (after quarantine)
  • Purchasing an old typewriter (for show, unless you also get it restored)
  • If all else fails, a bottle of bourbon and a set of fountain pens are also quite nostalgic

4. The gift of TIME

(This one is perfect if money is tight right now). Writers are always in need of time-to create, think or just stare at a wall until the words come to mind. Gift your writer some TIME by:

  • Offering to take over the household duties for a few days or a week
  • Setting up an official, interruption-free, “writing corner”
  • Preparing a day’s worth of meals (we love to stress eat) 

5. The gift of ORGANIZATION

This may come as a surprise, but most writers live in “organized chaos”. This means we know where things are but it isn’t pretty. (Try to) Give your writer the gift of ORGANIZATION with:

  • A reusable notebook-the kind you can wipe clean
  • A large whiteboard (or paint a wall in whiteboard paint)-for mind-mapping
  • A book shelf to display book collections, reference material or (more likely) to store clutter

6. The gift of ENTERTAINMENT

Writers need a break from thinking about the blank page. Give them the gift of ENTERTAINMENT by:

  • Purchasing a gift card for their favorite music streaming app.
  • Buying a pair of good noise cancelling headphones (they know why)
  • Or treat them to a night of streaming the latest books-turned-into-movies

7. The gift of RELAXATION

Character development, world building and plotting are very taxing endeavors. Help your writer get away from it all with the gift of RELAXATION by:

  • Getting an oil diffuser and calming scents package
  • Setting up a picnic at a local park or vineyard (wine tasting optional)


Lucas Horn

Lucas Horn is a creative designer who is attracted to men and True Crime, a trifecta which profoundly influenced his debut novel, The Midnight Blaze. When he isn't designing or writing, Lucas likes to travel and search for unique writing locations.

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