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7 Ways to Stay Productive After a Conference

I reflect on my time at the Writer's Digest Annual Conference and try to keep the motivation going with this list.


6 Lessons Learned From Rewriting My Novel

If your novel isn’t getting the reception you hoped when you wrote ‘The End’, it may be time for a rewrite. Here are some of the lessons I learned taking on a rewrite.


7 Tips to Making (and Keeping) Yearly Goals

There's plenty of time to achieve your goals this year, as long as you have the right strategy.


6 Fall Writing Spots to Visit with Your PSL

In honor of my favorite season, I've assembled a new list of places to write. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, it's time for Fall writing!


6 Lessons Learned From My First PitMad

What if you could get immediate feedback on your novel? All you have to do is whittle your entire novel down into 280 characters. Welcome to PitMad.


4 Productivity Tips for Working at the Library

In honor of National Library Week, I've assembled this list of tips for writers to make the most of their next library trip.

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