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7 Summer Writing Spots To Finish Your Novel

Summer is a great time for writers to get out and explore new writing spots.

Writing a novel is a lonely endeavor, even more so now that COVID is a part of our daily lives. Sure, characters are enjoyable company, but at some point you need to leave the house, if only to see what’s happening in the outside world. Summer can be an ideal time for writers to get out and explore new writing spots, even with the current pandemic. So I’ve assembled this list of seven places (with tips) to make the most of your writing.

Summer may not be the same this year, but you can still get out explore these #summer #writing spots. Share on X

Seven Summer Writing Spots to Explore:


Beaches across the country are open with restrictions on capacity, social distance and activities. These restrictions, while unfortunate for others, are an opportunity for writers. So bring your beach towel and umbrella and set yourself up for an afternoon of writing in the sun with the waves crashing in the background. Just remember to keep your laptop or tablet in a water-proof case and out of direct sunlight.


The fact wineries are (often) free from children alone places them at the top of the list. Factor in spectacular vineyard views and the (ever important) abundance of alcohol and that shoots them far above the top. If you’re looking for social distance and a little quiet, take a day trip on a weekday (when others working from home), buy a bottle and write away.


The park is always a brilliant spot to get your people watching and writing done any time of year (honestly). But with fewer places for people to go these days, the parks are more crowded than usual. If you plan on writing at the park, I suggest getting there early to claim your ideal spot (preferably under a tree). Bring a fold-able beach chair, a few snacks and a water bottle and you’re set for a full day of summer writing.


If you live near a college or university with an open visitor policy, you may be able to spend time on their grounds. These large, open spaces are perfect for finding a shaded spot and immersing yourself in your writing. However, every campus is different, so I suggest doing your research to be certain of their policies, especially during the current crisis. 


If you’re looking for some adventure with your writing, look no further than your local trail. Throw your laptop in your backpack and go enjoy the great outdoors as you search for the ideal outdoor writing spot. Be sure to bring plenty of water, bug repellent, and some granola for energy.


The national parks have been open for months, and many are free. Before you head out on this writing adventure, I suggest researching your park of choice so you can be sure to make the most of your time without getting lost. See Hiking Trails for what to bring for an afternoon of writing at a National Park.


If you’re lucky enough to have a boat (or know someone who trusts you with theirs), taking a day to sail to remote writing locations is every writer’s fantasy. I don’t know this firsthand, but I once wrote while floating in a kayak, and it was great.

Summer may not be the same this year but, with a little ingenuity, you can make the most of it.

Happy (Summer) Writing!


Lucas Horn

Lucas Horn is a creative designer who is attracted to men and True Crime, a trifecta which profoundly influenced his debut novel, The Midnight Blaze. When he isn't designing or writing, Lucas likes to travel and search for unique writing locations.

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