About Lucas and the (Long) Road to Writing

Lucas Horn Writing About

My love of writing began when I was just seven years old…

and my third grade teacher assigned the class (none other than) a book project. While other students groaned about the idea of crafting a story from scratch, I was beyond excited. I worked on it for days and, with some help, came up with the idea of a story about a mouse looking for a home. Not only did I write it (with dedication and bio pages), I also illustrated (poorly) every page and designed the cover. It took a lot of time, but it didn’t matter because I enjoyed every minute of it. When I finished, I held my book in my tiny hands and, for the first time, realized I could bring ideas and thoughts to life. Looking back, it was the most important piece I ever created.

The (many) years since then have been fueled by creativity. Sometimes it worked, like when I:

  • Started my own freelance marketing and design business at age 17
  • Trained myself how to use complex design software when classes were too expensive
  • Composed my first op-ed piece exposing a corrupt department while attending college
  • Developed my own major to include courses in Journalism, Criminology and Sociology
  • Became the only person in my family to graduate from college
  • Showed a 40-year old bully that being young doesn’t equate to being weak
  • Held weekend computer lessons for realtors who were afraid of new technology
  • Creatively worked with a Reverend who was known to be too fabulous and too difficult
  • Found a way to earn my Master’s Degree while working and running my own business
  • Wrote a weekly column and blog for students looking to get into the workforce
  • Developed an entire communications department at a NYC startup and
  • Ran it as their Communications Director for more than six years
  • Helped companies and non-profits understand the value of good branding, marketing and design
  • Ghosted two books and a blog for a boring entrepreneur…and made him seem great (on paper, anyway)
  • Told my family I was gay and brought my boyfriend home to meet them…all of them
  • Pushed aside my fears of people stealing my work and published my own blog about writing a novel

Lucas Horn About Writing Traits

When life didn’t seem to work, writing was there:

  • In to do lists when I felt like my life had no meaning and I needed a path to restart
  • In journals where I wrote about the trials of being gay and alone with no one to turn to
  • In a first-generation I-Pod Touch where I wrote about living with someone who was cheating on me.
  • In motivational lists after working hard at a horrible job and being told I wasn’t worth a decent salary
  • In a Microsoft Word document where I wrote about how it felt to have a creative piece stolen from me and (illegally) shared on Reddit
  • In plans for the future to reference on the days my depression returns and I spend days living in a cloud of doubt and helplessness
  • And finally, on Scrivener…where a book, which had been started more than three years ago, remained stagnant due to “more important things”

I always turned to writing. When things were bad in my life, I wrote. When things were good, I wrote. When I didn’t know what the hell else to do, I wrote. I wrote for school, for work, for newspapers, for fun! Simply put, I loved to write.

My true calling made itself known when I was seven, but life (as it does) got in the way. Sure, half-assed attempts were made, but nothing serious. That was, until February 2017, when I published my first blog post declaring my novel aspirations to the world. Since then, my life has been filled with writing, researching, blogging… and people watching at Starbucks.

It’s not just about writing a novel, it’s the journey.

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