7 Summer Writing Spots To Finish Your Novel


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed on this journey, it’s writing a novel is a lonely endeavor. Sure characters are great company, but at some point you need to leave the house (at the very least to let people know you’re still alive). Summer is a great time for writers to get out and explore new writing spots. However, changing a daily writing routine isn’t easy, so I’ve assembled this list of seven places (with tips) to make the most of your summer writing.

The Beach isn’t for Writers

The beach is the perfect spot to see just how far elastic can stretch while dedicating an entire day to sleeping in sand. I’m told there are plenty of things to do at beaches (day drinking?!), but writing definitely isn’t one of them. The elements that come together at the beach spell disaster in every way for a hard-at-work novelist.

If you’re spending a day at the beach, do yourself a huge favor and keep the writing desk at home. Use the day to relax and get away from your work. That said…

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Here are seven summer writing spots to check out:

  1. Wineries: The fact that wineries are (often) free from children alone places them at the top of the list. Factor in spectacular vineyard views and the (ever important) abundance of alcohol and that shoots them far above the top. If you’re looking for less crowds and a little quiet, take a day trip on a weekday, buy a bottle and write away.
  2. College Campuses: This one might get me in trouble. During the summer months, most college campuses are ghost towns, except for the occasional tour group or summer courses. Campuses are usually kid-free and have plenty of spots (including some free air-conditioned buildings!) to bring a lunch and focus on that first chapter re-re-re-write.
  3. Libraries: I love going to libraries, and summertime isn’t any different. There’s free a/c, plenty of places to plug in a laptop and, if you go early enough, the ability to find the “perfect seat”. Unfortunately, libraries are often noisy and do offer child-friendly programs, so be sure to bring those noise-cancelling headphones.
  4. Parks: Parks are great for both people watching and writing any time of year (honestly). Not surprisingly, people flock to parks in summer so get there early and claim a spot, preferably under a tree; and you’re set for a full day of summer writing.
  5. Airports/Stations: If you’re like me, you are most productive when given a time limit…and the airport provides exactly that. Head to the airport an hour (or two) early, find a seat, pop in those noise cancelling headphones and vomit write until boarding. It’s also great for people-watching and getting a buzz before flying.
  6. Planes/Trains: Don’t let boarding throw off your summer writing productivity. After you’re safely at cruising altitude, take out the laptop (or notebook), and continue to bask in the joy of time limitations till you land.
  7. Theme Parks: Many people enjoy going to theme parks in the summer… I don’t, but people I know do. No need to worry, theme parks are a great place to get some summer writing done as well…even if you find yourself in The World of Pandora.


Boats: If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, or know someone who does, taking a day to sail to remote locations and write is an amazing experience. I don’t know this first hand but, I once spent three hours writing while floating in a kayak.

Happy (Summer) Writing!

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