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The approach to gift-giving (and receiving) is flawed. A few years ago, I decided to change my approach to gifting (you can find out how here) and it has worked well. Since then, I’ve become known among family and friends for my gift lists. I’m like Oprah, only much (very much) less successful.

With only a few short days before Christmas, I’m decided to give a gift to my readers. I’ve opened my notebook to all and utilized my lists to create helpful gift ideas for any writer (or aspiring writer). Though my lists are helpful in their original form, I took things a bit further – I’ve organized everything into “Experiences” with gift examples.

 7 Gift Experiences for the Writer in Your Life (aka Lucas’ Favorite Things?)


Every writer needs some encouragement to get through the tough times or times of doubt. Gift your writer some ENCOURAGEMENT by:

  • Purchasing a Scrivener license (one license is good for multiple computers).
  • Getting them set up with a domain & hosting plan for their author website.
  • Subscribing to a year of Writer’s Digest or their favorite writing magazine.

2. The gift of MOTIVATION

When the words just won’t come, it’s time for some motivation. Help your writer get some much needed MOTIVATION by:

  • Refilling their Starbucks app – Starbucks is oddly motivating to us.
  • Buying a round-trip train ticket – train rides can be very motivating.
  • Send them to a hotel or bed & breakfast for a few days (make sure it has desk).

3. The gift of LIVING LIKE A WRITER IN 1920

Many writers have a secret desire to live like a writer in the 20’s… I know I do! Help fulfill their fantasy of LIVING LIKE A WRITER IN 1920 by:

  • Taking them out for a night of drinking in speakeasies
  • Buying an old typewriter (for show purposes unless you also get it restored).
  • If all else fails, a bottle of bourbon and a set of fountain pens are also very nostalgic.

4.The gift of TIME

Writers are always in need of time; to create, think or just stare at a wall until the words come to them. (If you’re on a budget, this one is perfect for you!) Gift your writer some TIME by:

  • Offering to take over the household duties for a few days or a week.
  • Setting up an official “writing corner” where interruptions are not allowed.
  • Gifting a meal prep service such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron
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5. The gift of ORGANIZATION

This may come as a surprise, but most writers live in “organized chaos”. This means we know where things are but, it isn’t pretty. (Try to) Give your writer the gift of ORGANIZATION with:

  • Roller-bind notebook systems
  • A large whiteboard (or alternatively paint a wall in whiteboard paint)
  • A book shelf to display book collections, reference material or (more likely) to store clutter.

6. The gift of ENTERTAINMENT

Writers need a break from thinking about their novels. Give them the gift of ENTERTAINMENT by:

  • Purchasing a year of Spotify, iHeart or similar music app.
  • Buying a movie gift card (to help them understand why their novels should stay in print).
  • Getting a pair of noise cancelling headphones for your writer (they know why).

7. The gift of RELAXATION

Character development, world building and plotting are very taxing endeavors. Help your writer get away from it all with the gift of RELAXATION by:

  • Getting a oil diffuser and calming scents gift package
  • Sending them to a relaxing massage from Groupon
  • Heading out to your local vineyards for a day of wine tasting


Make this holiday memorable for the writer in your life with these unique gift ideas… you even can take all the credit for it.

Happy (Holiday) Writing!

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