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It’s finally fall, or at least it will be (officially) tomorrow. Fall is a great time of year when children go back to school, families (read: tourists) stay home for a while, the weather cools down and we get a slew of new coffee options. I can’t state enough how much I love fall. So, in honor of the season, I’ve assembled a new list of places to write – Fall Edition.

Writing indoors can be boring and, with winter just around the corner, we need to get out as much as possible. Thankfully, we’re creative people (I assume, otherwise we wouldn’t be writing…right?). That means while others simply see the “family friendly-ness” of the locations on this list, I found the “writing-friendly” possibilities.

Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, it’s Time for Fall Writing!

  1. Small Towns: Small towns are wet dreams for writers and fall is a perfect time to explore them. Take a day trip (or weekend) and spend the day window shopping, speaking to locals and learning about its history. When your day is done, find a cafe or restaurant, take out your laptop and bask in the treasure trove of characters, settings and plot you’ve accumulated. For those horror writers, I suggest a long weekend in Salem, MA.
  2. Parks (again): Writing in your favorite park doesn’t need to stop just because the weather is cooler. Not only will the park be significantly more quiet (thanks to schools), you’ll also have plenty of space. All it takes is a warm sweater, a PSL and you’re set for a peaceful day of non-stop writing.
  3. Kayaks: That’s right! Kayaking (not white water rafting) is a great way to get the creative juices pumping. The slow pace of floating down the water, the spectacular views and the sounds of nature are perfect to spark a creepy horror novel, a budding romance novel or a mashup of both! Bring a pen and paper (laptops not recommended) to jot down thoughts from your adventure.
  4. Restaurants: I recently tried a new co-working space concept called Spacious. This genius idea opens up restaurants, during the hours they are closed, to those in need of quiet work spaces. Although only available in some cities, the experience was great and worth a try if available near you.
  5. Country Fairs: While I’ve never been to a “real” country fair (such as in Kentucky), I have been to plenty of fairs. Fall fairs are great places to find writing inspiration, see giant pumpkins and find reasons to go on a juice cleanse. Bring a notebook and take notes on the food, people and contests for your next small town-based thriller. If inspiration doesn’t hit, there’s always fried Oreo.
  6. Museums/Historic Houses: Fall is the perfect time to explore historic homes or unique (small) museums. Most are located on large plots of land with plenty of great views and fall foliage. Pack your essentials bag, bring a lunch (and your PSL) for a full day of fall-inspired writing. Then, head over to…
  7. Wineries/Breweries: I know, this one made my summer writing list (fyi, alcohol will always make the list). Wineries are still great places to write, especially in the fall. Most (urban wineries the exception) are located on acres of beautiful land and require long drives. That means views of those fall colors people obsess over and, best of all, spiced wine (or spiked cider)! Go during the week for some of the most serene writing you could ever imagine.
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Halloween Events: This is the time of year for haunted houses, horror shows and a shit load of spooky events. There’s no better time to coax that horror novel out than to check out some of these crazy Halloween attractions. Bring a notebook (extra bonus points if you don’t hurl it at a creepy clown).

And, BTW – Farms Are Terrible Places to Write

Farms: Fall is all about farms – picking things at farms, eating things at farms, going to events at farms. However, in my experience, farms are horrible places to write. They are usually only open on weekends (when families do things), are packed to high hell and don’t offer any unique opportunities. If you need to go, get there early and attempt the corn maze…just for the hell of it.

Happy Writing!

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