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As I’ve mentioned a few times (read: many times), I’m always on the hunt for unique places to write. A few weeks into my novel journey, it became obvious over-crowded coffee shops, libraries with lenient phone policies and my home office weren’t working. So I began to get creative with my writing locations, until recently, when I found Spacious.

What is Spacious?

Spacious is a unique co-working service that gives freelancers/remote workers access to restaurants during non-operating hours of the day. Restaurants throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, which operate in the evening hours, allow Spacious members to use their empty dining areas for work/meetings.

The Spacious team sets each location with Wi-Fi, power cords, free coffee and friendly hosts during the available hours. Restaurant(s) are divided into team/meeting space and quiet space, and calming (coffee-shop type) music streams through the speakers.

If the thought of a quiet, child-free working space didn’t sound appealing enough, they offer a free seven-day trial.

The Writing Room, Spacious Style

Scouring the Spacious website, I found plenty of great locations that would motivate any writer. However; for my first experience, I could think of nothing better than The Writing Room on the Upper West Side.

Famous among celebrities, the restaurant has everything one would expect in a writer’s room – wood floors, leather banquets and walls lined with photographs of authors, libraries and writers. It seemed like the perfect spot for writing a novel (and it was going to be empty!!!).

When I arrived, the friendly hosts provided a brief tour of the space. I was amazed – not just by the space, but that the restaurant was actually empty. There were no patrons, no wait staff, just a handful of people with laptops.

That would have been enough; however, I was then led to the “quiet space” – a space aptly called “The Study”.

To say the space was the perfect writing spot would be an understatement. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves complete with books and fireplace, lined the back wall. Dim lighting and large leather chairs provided the feeling of being in a 1920’s speakeasy. The bar didn’t open until after three (unfortunately), but that didn’t stop me from having a productive day of writing.

See photos of The Writing Room: LH Facebook Page

Over the course the trial, I visited several locations and was extremely (surprisingly) productive. The entire process was simple – locate a space, go in, get to work. My days of ordering a cup of coffee to “look like a customer” were behind me.

Spacious’ low cost $95 monthly membership is a great option for writers looking for quiet/creative spaces. The ability to experience new locations with quiet and hosts to keep everything in check is well worth the cost. The company also plans to expand to more locations/cities, which will open up even more writing possibilities.

I may have spent summer writing in airports and theme parks, but as the weather gets cooler, you might just find me writing in a restaurant.

For those interested in joining Spacious, use code LHORN for a $50 credit!

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