Lucas Horn Summer of Writing Recap

We’re just days away from the unofficial end of summer. It’s a bittersweet weekend where we mourn the end of beach days, excuses for day drinking and wearing white (if that’s still a thing). Thankfully, I don’t care about any of that. This year, writing took my summer in an amazing new direction and it turned out great. So I’m raising a glass (or three) in celebration of my most productive summer.

A Shout Out to My Summer of Writing

In June, I learned two lessons while on a week-long trip to Orlando, Florida. The first, always research a state’s school schedule when traveling close to summer recess. The second, world building is an essential part of any author’s writing process.

July proved to be a busy month as I prepared for my first writer’s conference. In preparation for the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, I decided to shut down my website and start over. As I began the lengthy process of figuring out what I could do to make it better, I realized writers (new or established) are actually brands.

For weeks I struggled to make my website “perfect”. I utilized my knowledge of web design to recreate my logo and site structure, and my marketing background for content. At the end of July, I was confident enough to finally hit publish. It dawned on me that I may not be the only one struggling with a website, so I shared some tips to help other writers.

By August, I lacked motivation and needed an excuse for a trip. So, a week before the writer’s conference, I hopped a plane and took my first trip out West to Colorado. A week of high altitudes and mountain climbing helped me realize that I was doing more than just writing, I was actually living the “Writer’s Life”. It was just the motivation I needed to get ready for the conference.

And what a conference it was! When I wasn’t listening to the amazing speakers and drinking with fellow writers, I was busy live tweeting the event. I also found the courage to attend the conference’s Pitch Slam, where I pitched my novel to six agents/editors. Their positive responses were a refreshing reminder that I was on the right track in my new endeavor as a novelist.


As the conference came to a close, I was inspired to take on a new project (I’ll keep it a secret for now). With the conference behind me, I began to feel a void. After all, my entire summer practically revolved around it. To cope with it, and help others with their “conference separation”, I created this list.

Writing over the summer was a little tricky but, I managed to find to do so in the most unlikely places. It was great to be able to get out and write in new locations, I can’t wait to see where the fall takes me (wink, wink).

Looking back, this summer (and this post) wasn’t about me. It was about how writing lit a fire under my ass. I could have spent summer on a beach, but working toward my goal was better (and more fun).

Goodbye summer, it’s been great. Time to see what new adventures writing has in store for the fall.

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