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With the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference so close, and so much to do for it, there hardly seemed time for a writing motivation trip. I’m kidding, of course there was! In my first venture to the Western United States, I brave nature, blood clots and hipsters to understand the “writer’s life” while exploring Colorado (and I didn’t even get high!)

I’ve done plenty of people watching at Starbucks to realize that I’m not (what is classified as) “normal”. The simple fact that I openly admit to watching people in public places should have been a sign of that fact. Other signs include my deep fascination of murder investigation shows (the real ones, not CSI), my obsession with purchasing notebooks and my ability to carry out full dialogue in my head. These may sound like cause for concern but, as any writer would tell you, they are just some of the qualities that make up the writer’s life.

For me, writing isn’t a full or part-time position, rather something that continues beyond the keyboard. I’m always thinking of new blog posts, working on my novels/ writing projects and coming up with new ideas (as I’m sure all writers do). However, it wasn’t until my trip to Colorado where I realized being a writer is actually more of a lifestyle rather than a career.

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It should have been obvious when, while packing my luggage, I was more concerned about space for my notebook and pens rather than a (much needed) jacket. Or, getting more excited by the built-in desk in my Denver loft rather than the view from the balcony. It wasn’t even when I dragged my partner to the Tattered Cover Book Store after a full day of hiking.

Have I Been Living the “Writer’s Life”?

The moment I realized I’ve been experiencing the “writer’s life”, came while hiking in the Rockies and I found an amazing writing spot. There was something about the peacefulness of the location – the blue skies (which eventually turned gray and produced a thunder hail storm), the tree-trunk which resembled a perfect bench of sitting and the absolute quiet. I had never experienced anything close to that silence in my life. It was all so…blissful; the type of place I imagined a writer sitting for hours while working on a novel.

Despite exhaustion (the likes of which I’ve never felt before), I managed to lift my phone and get a photo of the amazing spot. As I stood there, daydreaming the possibilities, I muttered; “I want to come back with my laptop and just write here”. It never happened, but at least I have that photo!

I spent the rest of my slog up the mountain thinking about how my life has changed since declaring myself a writer. These days I spend time looking for great writing spots, feel naked when I leave my notebook home, search for the best note taking apps on my phone/tablet and love the sound of typing on my typewriter. By the time I came down the mountain, I was convinced that, although not published (yet!), I was definitely living the writer’s life.

My trip to Colorado, though not ideal, actually had perfect timing. With just a few days until I pitch my novel at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, I could use all the confidence I could get.

See some of the amazing sights from my trip: Lucas Horn’s Colorado Adventure on Facebook

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