5 Easy Changes Writers Can Make to Their Blogging Sites


I’ll let you in on a little secret… blogging sucks. More so, if you’re a writer (or aspiring writer) who has creative ideas rather than SEO-friendly, content marketable, keyword laden dribble. The blogging world has become so inundated with posts filled with all that gimmicky crap that it’s hard to distinguish the people from the marketing departments. The irony is, if you’re an industry newbie, blogging can help build your credibility within it.

If you’re an industry newbie, blogging can help build your credibility within it. Click To Tweet

Writers, luckily, are busy people. We have stories to tell, worlds to build and characters to kill. We don’t want to waste time making sure websites are properly SEO-ed. And, if we had the money, we’d much rather spend it on notebooks instead of web “experts”. Plain and simple, we’d rather be writing.

I understand, believe me!

As a former “expert” and someone who recently went through his own site revision, I get it. Even though marketing and SEO are (truly) disgusting words that take us away from our passion, they’re important to getting our work found. To help my fellow writers make the most of their blogging and website efforts (and get back to writing), I’ve assembled a list of quick changes.

Here Are 5 Simple Changes to Get the Most Out of Your Blogging Efforts

Create a great About Section – It doesn’t matter if it’s a page, post or sidebar, let your visitors know who you are. You’re a writer, so give them a great story. What turned you onto writing? What are some interesting things about you? What’s your writing style?

Install analytics – Whether self-hosted or through a platform, your site needs analytics. Analytics help you understand the content which resonates with your audience, your traffic sources and the most visited areas of your site. Review your analytics once a month to develop/expand content that’ll keep attracting visitors.

Go outside (your site) – There’s no harm in plugging your content on social media, especially if it’s a major source of your traffic (see Analytics). It’s important to remember to pepper in content posts (among regular posting/sharing) and not be too “gimmicky” about it.

Make connecting easy – Unlike roaches, if you’re attracting visitors, you want to keep them. So give them easy ways to follow you on social media (icons, sidebars, or links within posts). You may also want to invite them to sign up for updates by providing cool giveaways (wink, wink).

And finally,
Forget SEOSEO (search engine optimization), and its ugly cousin Keywords, are perfect examples of marketing killing creativity. They combine to form gross posts based on marketing terminology which are supposed to drive traffic to your site. However, blogging naturally and providing amazing content can be just as effective and a hell of a lot more fun for a writer.

Happy Writing.

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