4 Reasons NOT to Juice Cleanse While Writing Your First Novel


Summer is approaching (very slowly for those who live in the Northeast). That means we’re just a few months away from days (writing) at the beach, indulging in (motivational) pool parties, and (promoting our work at) BBQ’s galore! To prepare for all the summer excitement, I’m performing a spring body tune-up which, included a juice cleanse…while writing my novel.

First, an update on my novel.

March proved to be a very productive month for my novel. I made great strides transforming it from a mess to a functional work in progress. Though not an easy decision, I scrapped my original chapters and began fresh. This created an amazing new beginning for my story and five “bonus” chapters to harvest pieces/characters. Look for a detailed update post in early April.

I didn’t just throw in an update for the hell of it. Before I decided to take on any more challenges, I had to make sure my novel was in a good place. Had I just begun this journey, I would never have the energy to do both. Eventually, I would end up sacrificing one and I don’t think it’d be the right one.

That said, let’s talk juice.

I’m not an overweight person by any means. Those close to me know I have an obsession with staying fit. However, I’ve never attempted a juice cleanse. I associate too many things with them, all bad. So when a friend texted me about doing one together, I was hesitant.

Here’s a recreation of how it all went down:
Friend: Thinking about ordering a 3-day cleanse. U in?
Me: I dunno. How does it work?
Friend: Not sure. I just ordered them for us.

Two days later, on a Thursday, I received a refrigerated box of eighteen (mostly green) drinks. I hate colored drinks, especially green, so things were off to a bad start. My nightmare was to begin the following Monday. The days leading up to it were spent omitting food from my daily routine in preparation.

It’s only three days.

Day one of the cleanse was the most difficult. This particular system was broken into three green “meal drinks” and three “in-between” drinks. The green lunch drink and the after lunch drink were the absolute worst. After lunch, I became nauseous and started feeling a headache. By dinner, the headache was unbearable and no medication was able to resolve it. I wanted to quit, I wanted to eat, I did neither.

On day two, my headache was gone. I anticipated it to return by midday, just like the day before. It never did. My energy levels, however, were way down. So much that I couldn’t even complete my daily motivation walk.

By day three I was sick of green drinks. I wished harm to the manufacturer for their lack of creativity. Surprisingly, I found myself with an incredible amount of energy! It was something that I hadn’t expected, but welcomed after the first two days.

When it was over, I had lost about 4lbs. I didn’t eat or drink coffee though there were options to do so. I felt accomplished, but also disappointed. Disappointed I didn’t lose more, and even more so, that my worked suffered.

Writing is very intensive and requires concentration, energy and focus. Click To Tweet

If you’re a new writer looking to take on a cleanse, I urge you to reconsider.

Here’s the Reasons NOT to Juice Cleanse While Writing Your First Novel

  1. Day one sucks: The food cravings begin early in the day. If you can manage to get past them, the afternoon headaches will cripple you. If you do a cleanse, prepare to Netflix binge day one away.
  2. The bathroom issue: I thought I would need to use the bathroom regularly for…well, shitting. That wasn’t the case, but I did need to pee a lot. This meant frequent bathroom visits while writing at my favorite library. Between using the bathroom, and taking note of when it was free, my concentration was shot.
  3. No energy: After crippling headaches, you can say goodbye to your energy on day two. In fact, my energy levels were so low; I had hallucinations of my second novel! Nothing worked to alleviate the energy drain. This made it impossible to sit at a computer and type a tweet, let alone a chapter.
  4. Food is everywhere: Like my fellow writers, I’ve been known to hog a seat at Starbucks for a day of writing. The combination of the smell, the energy and the people give writing that “authentic” feel. Unfortunately, that smell is of food and coffee. The same goes for Cosi, Panera, Dunkin, and anywhere else we like to write. Writing is impossible when all you can think about is raiding the pastry case.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend taking on a juice cleanse (unless you’re masochistic). This goes especially for those new to writing a novel. Writing is very intensive and requires concentration, energy and focus. I learned the hard way, but am happy to pass the lesson on.

Happy writing.

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