When I began conceptualizing my novel (more than two years ago) it was an almost orgasmic experience. The ideas flowed so fast I could hardly get them all down. I lost sleep thinking about my characters and their circumstances. Every new idea escalated the excitement until, I brought pen to paper and everything coalesced as one. It was a new and exciting endeavor and anything was possible from that moment. Anything including the complete and utter stalling of the entire project.

I’ve had several good ideas fall victim to crap.

Call it writer’s block, burn out, procrastination, a shitty productivity sinkhole – no matter the label, it’s all crap. I’ve had several good ideas fall victim to crap. Admittedly, some of them probably weren’t good enough to survive crap. Great ideas have the muscle to shovel and (some of) my previous ideas weren’t fit for the task.

However, this novel was/is different. When it came to this novel, I allowed “more important things” to get in the way. In hindsight, most of those things weren’t that important. Still, my bad decisions left this novel abandoned.Β  I beat myself up many times over the last two years for that, which is why I decided to revisit the project.

After all those years, there was only one way to get things back to that orgasmic beginning…a resurrection!

Here’s How I Raised My Dead Novel in 5 Steps:

  1. Read everything – I went back and read all previously written pages, ideas/notes, edits and research. It was supposed to help me get reacquainted with my novel and where I left off. Unfortunately, I uncovered a bigger issue – the novel was a complete mess!
  2. Bring it all together – Two years may have passed since I wrote the chapters, but since then I brainstormed…a lot. The storm traversed notebooks, laptops, tablets, etc. So the only logical thing do to was bring it all together. I spent a day sifting through old notebooks, files and apps, looking for anything associated with my novel.
  3. Buy new things – I bought a shiny, new college-ruled notebook (a whopping ninety-nine cent investment) and high capacity portable drive to kick off this novel resurrection. The notebook will house all previous/future notes and ideas, the portable drive will store the files.
  4. Organize – After getting everything together, I sorted it all. This included a full day of rewriting notes and moving all files. In the end, I had an organized notebook with notes and files in one location.
  5. Drink alcoholic beverage of choice – After re-writing the last note, I slammed the cover shut and declared this novel resurrected! The event was promptly christened with a glass (or three) of wine.
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